a diary of sorts
honors experience

A collection of each place I have lived independently.
An ode to the people and life I experienced.

A living journal.


Fall 2023

Summer 2023

Fall 2022

Spring 2022

The reflection.

We all have a preferred means of inner reflection. For me, sometimes it’s journaling on the plane, voice audio during a solo drive, a long iPhone note at midnight, and other times it’s scrolling through my camera roll. My favorite way to reflect is by looking back on the moments taken through the lens of my camera.

This project shares the chapters of life I have lived in the past couple of years. Sharing memories, places, people, and inner dialogue through pictures. Hawaii’s bold, bright community. LA’s serenity and sunshine. Marfa’s ethereal and rewarding essence. Delft’s internal wisdom and freshness. NYC’s lore and vibrancy. Leaving each place with a new view on life and who I desire to be. Testing out different versions along the way. At the end of the day, self reflection is recognizing where we came from to be more present of where we are now.

These years have taught me that self reflection is critical for my health and growth. Making time for it can be hard when live seems to never stop. This journal is about taking that time. To give thanks to the the people that make the memories sweet and the surroundings that leave me in awe.

Here is to seeing and being seen.

A project dedicated to the 5 year old who had big dreams and a little nikon camera in her hand.